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News- Covid-19 Update
Good day all!
We hope that you are all doing well during this pandemic and doing what you can to stay sane. As lockdown has been extended for a further two weeks, we wanted to update you on the protocol for the weeks to follow.
We will still be seeing emergency patients only (as discussed in our previous post) and we are offering home visits for any patients who are unable to come to our rooms during this time. We will be seeing all our home visit patients at the start of the day to minimize chances of infection.
We will follow the usual precautionary measures: wearing a mask, sterilizing our hands on entrance and exit and sterilizing our equipment with 70% alcohol spray. We encourage our patients to also wear masks during treatments and we ask our patients to sanitize their hands. We also ask our patients to be treated on a towel which they should then wash directly afterwards. We will still be screening all our patients prior to treatment.
If you are having trouble staying active or are looking for easy exercises to do, head over to our Instagram and Facebook page @umhlangarehab for some inspiration.
Sending you all our warmest regards during this time!
The Umhlanga Rehab Team