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News- Covid-19 Update Stage 4
By this time, everyone has heard about the Covid-19/ Corona Virus Pandemic which has hit the world, and we are sure that everyone has become well-versed with hand washing techniques, mask wearing and social distancing.
On 01/05/2020, we moved into stage 4 of the National Disaster Act. For physiotherapists this means that we can now open to ALL our patients. We will still need to take the necessary precautions, namely:
1. Mask wearing (by patients and phsyiotherapists).
2. Hand washing and/or sanitizing on entrance and exit.
3. Patients to please come on time for appointment and not early, to mimize contact time in waiting rooms.
4. All equipment will be sterilized between each patient.
5. All linen will be changed between patients, and will be sterilized accordingly.
6. All patients will be required to fill in a declaration prior to treatment, if you would like us to e-mail this to you to allow you to read through it thoroughly, please give us a call on (031) 560 5556.
We know that it is a difficult time but want you to know that we are still here for you!